• Bitcoin

    A decentralised peer-to-peer data transfer protocol within the payment system presented as blocks of a transactional chain using cryptographic encryption methods. Transaction processing occurs using the following "smart contracts":

    Any transaction may be processed only between the two principal parties with no middlemen and is irreversible.

    No one may block assets except for the owner.

    There is a way for a third party to get involved as a guarantor by using a multisignature.

    Cryptocurrency code: BTC

    Minimum subunit (minimum unit capable of being transferred) - Satoshi (10-8 BTC)

    Bitcoin may be used as an official tender similarly to fiat currencies.

  • Ethereum

    Etherium gives an opportunity to register any deals for any assets based on the blockchain structure putting aside any legal procedures. This possibility is the principal feature of Ethetherium.

    Transaction processing occurs using the following "smart contracts":

    Any transaction may be processed only between the two principal parties with no middlemen and is irreversible.

    No one may block assets except for the owner.

    Etherium serves as tender for resource exchange or to record an asset deal.

    Turing completeness.

    Cryptocurrency code: ETH.

    Minimum subunit (minimum unit capable of being transferred) - Wei (10-8 ETH)

  • Ripple

    The RIpple network converts currencies by routing orders through market makers, which compete with each other to earn spreads "bid/ask."

    Ripple cryptocurrency is an asset which exists on a mathematical basis and which works within the Ripple network as currency without a counterparty based on the numerical basis named XRP (called ripple), which in turn is the original currency within the Ripple network. Similar to Bitcoin within the Blockchain network, XRP initially exists within the Ripple network as it is an asset. That is why there is no need to trust any particular financial institution for trading or exchange of this currency.

    Ripple may not fall into devaluation.

    Cryptocurrency code: XPR.

    Minimum subunit (minimum unit capable of being transferred) - 10-5 XPR

  • Litecoin

    Litecoin - fork Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electric payment system using Litecoin as a currency. Litecoin software has had SegWit support activated to solve the scaling issue which was also typical for Bitcoin. The problem was that there had been possible to complete the maximum of 7 transactions per second within Bitcoin before SegWit was introduced.

    Data is recorded within Litecoin as a liked chain of blocks, each of them containing a hash of the preceding one. However, unlike Bitcoin, this system uses scrypt instead of SHA-256.

    Litecoin addresses consist of 33 symbols and begin with L or 3.

    Cryptocurrency code: LTC.

  • Dash

    Dash is an open, decentralised payment system, which uses the Darksend technology to anonymise its transactions.

    The main feature of this payment system is that it uses several cryptographic algorithms simultaneously instead of one to form X11, which is a system of hashing algorithms that use a chain of 11 algorithms.

    Dash has a built-in transaction mixing mechanism, which is when parts that are similar in volume mix up and a new master node mixer is selected.

    Dash is less power-consuming for mining purposes, unlike other cryptocurrencies.

    In September 2017 Dash market capitalisation was 2.5 billion US dollars.

    Cryptocurrency code: Dash.

  • Zcash

    Zcash is cryptocurrency with an open source code. It provides confidentiality and selective clearance for its transactions.

    Zcash payments are published in public chain blocks, but the sender, as well as the recipient and the transaction amount, remain sealed.

    Zcash uses Zerocash protocol, which allowed the provision of Zcahs as a fully functional cryptocurrency.

    Zcash was established on 20 January 2016.

    Similar to the majority of other global cryptocurrencies, Zcash has a fixed minimum mining volume. This volume for Zcash is equal to 21 million units (coins).

    Cryptocurrency code: ZEC

  • Dogecoin

    Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer electronic payment system created by Litecoin.

    Due to limited capitalisation of appx. 25 million US dollars, this cryptocurrency is affordable regarding mining and has been branded as the most democratic one among leading payment crypto processes.

    Dogecoin was announced on 8 December 2013.

    Regarding mining, Dogecoin is unlimited, so is the number of issued coins.

    Thus, the conversion rate may change unpredictably at any time.

    Cryptocurrency code: DOGE.

  • bc
  • ethereum
  • ripple
  • lc
  • dash
  • zc
  • dc

Mining Coin Group

Mining Coin Group is a scale of mining in all its forms. The company was established in 2017 and made its main effort to give a scale to the all most popular forms of mining, including those cryptocurrencies showing exciting tendencies from a commercial point of view.

Mining Coin Group is a company interested in the growth of its business, which has become possible with regards to increased interest to the cryptocurrencies globally as well as because cryptocurrencies have become a powerful and valuable commercial asset.

We will not sit tight and are already making every effort to remain leaders of the multidirectional mining by creating and supporting the basis of our business. This foundation has no alternative concerning the turnover size today.

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1 Bitcoin $ 196026243091 $ 11660.1 $ 16811712.0 $ 14047100000.0 3.84%
2 Bitcoin Cash $ 30889706865.0 $ 1825.68 $ 16919563.0 $ 1009970000.0 2.26%
3 Ethereum $ 101950347274 $ 1050.25 $ 97072456.0 $ 5314290000.0 5.3%
4 Ethereum Classic $ 3075504927.0 $ 30.9954 $ 99224560.0 $ 381920000.0 6.33%
5 Ripple $ 63056864928.0 $ 1.62773 $ 38739142811.0 $ 7543960000.0 17.42%
6 BitConnect $ 353736409.0 $ 38.5845 $ 9167837.0 $ 55011900.0 0.37%
7 Litecoin $ 10660154069.0 $ 194.45 $ 54822083.0 $ 813533000.0 6.47%
8 Dash $ 6611223526.0 $ 844.689 $ 7826814.0 $ 154352000.0 8.12%
9 Zcash $ 1584092886.0 $ 512.862 $ 3088731.0 $ 128501000.0 1.98%

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